Teachers in Action

Teachers in Action

Build your important ideas on this story.

Jesus is the Teacher of all teachers most of whom don’t think that he has much to offer. So here’s something that he “teaches” leaders and future leaders.

Jesus tells the story about a powerful political leader who was successful in business that entrusted money to one of his best fellows and asked him to do something with it.

Over time, his CEO returned a 1,000% profit or ten times what his boss put in his hands.

In telling this story, Jesus then comes out of the closet on MONEY and POWER. He explains to all of us, rich or poor, that the fellow in charge is overloaded with amazement that his CEO he did so well – and did it the best way – turned out to be a trustworthy businessman that could be counted on.

Then Jesus expands the story and tells us that the powerful businessman rewarded his CEO with 10 “cities” in his kingdom!

Here’s first importance thing that I learned in college since I majored in Classical Greek. The Greek word for “city” is also the core of the word for “politics,” and the CITY you learn from Aristotle is the center of power. Luke 19:11-27.

Social scientists don’t like anyone that says that Jesus is smarter than they are, which is what StanOakes.com is committed to.