Statesmen in Action

Statesmen in Action

Statesmen are leaders of a different kind.

They are not just leaders of large companies. And they’re not simply old political leaders. Statesmen live on “universal principles” and true ideas that are true for all people, of all times and all nations. And they have lived a life of practice and prudence in applying these principles to the decisions of today.

The other view that’s hidden in the social sciences is that truth changes. Some say that “data” changes so the truth changes. Weird, and wrong, if you ask me.

The Intelligentsia who “infiltrated” the social sciences have arrogantly rejected universal principles and believe that “truth changes” as they wish. By this decision alone, they chose to “build their house on the sand.” And they don’t admit any of this…ever…in any university… because they claim that they can solve everything. Read what Winston Churchill faced before the war and the courage and competitive spirit he alone showed when he warned about the danger of Adolph Hitler years before World War II,

So what are the universal principles? You don’t hear about them in elections, policies, Republicans and Democrats or church and seminaries. Nor do we know what to do in the issues facing us the Middle East and The Poor and Black Men.

Which leader do you want to be? A statesman or a politician? Leading by principles or leading by popularity? The Intelligentsia in the social sciences don’t believe in universal principles. Actually, they don’t believe in popularity either. They crave for POWER…over you.