Parents in Action

Parents in Action

Tough Leadership? Try this.

First, give him They Were Expendable by W. L. White, which is about Motor Torpedo Boats in WWII. Then, give him Masters of Deceit by J. Edgar Hoover who shows the dangers around the world that sneak into America, like Radical Islam today. See if he’ll read WITNESS by Whittaker Chambers who was a famous gay, Russian spy who worked with a famous Harvard grad, Alger Hiss. Then, in crisis, he turned to God.

When he’s a senior, give him God and Man at Yale by William F. Buckley. Tough books for high achievement guys. And one more thing. Tell him to intern in a business or start a lawn mowing business, and don’t let him go into the non-profit world until he’s worked in a real job for a few years. Remember. I’ve been in the non-profit world for decades. And don’t forget this one. If your son is lazy…you know what to do. Tell him that the rest of his life everyone will ask him to bend over and get what he deserves.

For leadership, make sure he’s saturated with ideas around GOD MONEY POWER.

I’ve talked only about guys so far because women are out-performing them. Introduce your daughter to this. Look especially for Condoleezza Rice and Michelle Bachman. They have ideas along with their achievements.