Businessmen in Action

Businessmen in Action

Why and how do businessmen get blamed for all of the poor people in the world?

“Inequality” is a code word in the social sciences. They hide their ideas. They come up with clever adjectives. Or they change the meaning of the words from inequality to INEQUALITY. They replace envy with ENVY and come up with hidden tactics.

When you have tens of thousands of professors in the massive “factory” of the social sciences, you can only imagine the hoard of tactics, ideas, and data that is produced. The social scientists thank their god that you buffoon$ are so naïve that they can keep on “taking” control of your money.

One more thing. They care far more about POWER than MONEY because with the “right” kind of POWER, they get POWER over your MONEY.

Businessmen are pragmatic, so they’ll never figure out how the social scientists created a powerful disdain and great hostility toward them in America.