The Intelligentsia

The Intelligentsia

The Intelligentsia



In writing The Intelligentsia, Richard Pipes uncovered the “hidden factory” where the Intelligentsia hide their made-up and dangerous ideas. They are manufactured in the social sciences of universities and carry the ideas about GOD MONEY and POWER that don’t just change culture. They shape nations and America first.

So how did Dr. Pipes see this?

As a professor of history at Harvard University for nearly 40 years, he focused on the ideas that the intelligentsia thrived on and led to The Russian Revolution. And it was this that enabled him to see the ideas of the intelligentsia in our universities that dominate courses where they are passed on to millions of students.

Disdained by other professors, Dr. Pipes told me that social scientists criticized him over and over again. They disdained this his argument about the ideas of The Intelligentsia. The big questions that I had were “Why did it bother them so much?” And why did it take a conservative Jew to defend the Bible and true ideas?

Pipes’ ideas are not about evolution vs. creation or the origin of all things, which is what most Christian professors concentrate on. Those ideas are all about the beginning of things, but the ideas that Pipes exposed the ideas that “gradually change” the way that we live; who and what we believe; how we think about war and peace and money and power; and compassion and productivity; and the irrelevance of GOD’s thinking and Strategic Plan.
Every serious parent launching and protecting the future of your son or daughter needs to prepare them to face up to into the intellectual competition for what they’ll face in classes. Christians especially, end up redefining or losing most of their confidence in what they learned growing up. Let’s all understand that “beliefs” never measure up to powerful arguments.

Every competitive student prepping for college or in a university and thinking about LEADERSHIP and not just leadership needs to be fluent in these ideas…and more.

Dr. Pipes gives us a look at his work at Harvard. I wrote my book, which is about his book and much more, to prepare you for the first step in competing powerfully in what is really happening in education, D.C., the Media, the markets and America today.

RICHARD PIPES was born in Cieszyn, Poland to a Jewish family. When he was sixteen, Pipes first laid his eyes on Adolf Hitler, the Fuhrer and Reichs Chancellor of Germany, who made a victory tour after the invasion of Poland. The Pipes family fled their occupied country in 1939. He became a naturalized citizen of the United States and served in the Army Air Corps.

He proceeded to earn his Ph.D. at Harvard University where he served for 38 years and is now the Baird Professor Emeritus of History. During his career, Pipes was the Director of Harvard’s Russian Research Center, he served as the Director of East European and Soviet Affairs of the National Security Council and was a member of the Committee of the Present Danger.

Dr. Pipes was a leading critic of the détente with the U.S.S.R., which he described as “inspired by intellectual indolence and based on ignorance of one’s antagonist and therefore inherently inept.” In The Intelligentsia, which is the fourth chapter of Richard Pipes’ book entitled The Russian Revolution, he uncovers the dangerous thinking underlying the social sciences and the revolution in Russia–that “man is god to man.” This revolutionary thinking now dominates American universities.


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