God Money Power College Prep

God Money Power College Prep

God Money Power College Prep



  1. Something far more important than degrees, classes, sports, fun, sex, parties and fraternities/sororities is hidden in colleges and universities. What is it?
  2. Goals, Objectives and Skills come first. What are they?
  3. Put the ideas about GOD MONEY POWER where they belong!
  4. Get to class early. Sit in front. Get assignments done early. Serious work and then fun. And FOCUS!
  5. What are the best majors? What are the less important ones that you can study later?
  6. Internships and summer jobs. Aim higher! Be better! Take on tough opportunities. “Set the standard,” three words that you should live by.
  7. Why do so many students, including Christians, come out of universities as liberals and have concluded that the Bible is relatively useless outside of church?
  8. GOD was the First Intellectual who created the First Strategic Plan. Is this really true?
  9. CURRENT CHALLENGES and DANGERS: GOD and the Middle East; MONEY and Business and Inequality; and POWER and the New Slavery.


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