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Why “The Intelligentsia”

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The IntelligentsiaI never thought that much about the danger of ideas and education in America until I assembled scientists and scholars and brought them to Russia (U.S.S.R. at that time) to meet with scientists and professors at St. Petersburg Technical University.

On the flight there, I read The Russian Revolution, which was written by Richard Pipes, the well-known history professor at Harvard University, who grew up in Poland and escaped just after Adolph Hitler took over his country. He saw Der Fuehrer and the Nazis change the world before his eyes. This awakened him to the same kind of takeover of Russia by the devotees of the intelligentsia.

A decade earlier, I met several times with Charles Habib Malik, the ambassador from Lebanon to the United States and the former President of the General Assembly of the United Nations. From him I learned a new insight: professors think about the world politically, economically and sociologically…not spiritually. They care little about religion, especially Christianity. He added, those who understand this, understand “the ideas that move the world.”

From there, it was chapter four of Professor Pipe’s book where I realized how it is accomplished and where the dangerous ideas are fomenting. They are the “social sciences.” They sound “social,” and we understand the “sciences,” but combined, they can be incendiary.

As a missionary, college president, and entrepreneur who once assembled a network of more than 10,000 professors at 900 colleges and universities, I have seen the factory of these ideas. They control a fifth or more of each of these institutions, and I am convinced, from their own words, that the disciples of the intelligentsia have a compelling, clever and persuasive strategy to “change the world” without our permission.

The intelligentsia manipulate ideas and focus on the arenas of money and power. They redefine words by adding adjectives, which ingeniously changes their meanings. They marginalize Christianity, are impostors of neutrality, create their own morality and ethics, disdain businessmen for creating inequality, add new definitions of sin, and never admit it. They are now the creators of “A New Slavery” of black men and much, much more.

I fear way too many Christians, businessmen, teachers, the Media, evangelical professors, ministers and priests and other leaders have become devoted followers or uniformed members of the new Fifth Column of the intelligentsia and the social sciences.

In my assessment, this is unacceptable and ridden with danger. We all must become fluent in the ideas, strategies and tactics of the intelligentsia and their offspring that now dominate the public square.

The Intelligentsia by Richard Pipes is will be available soon!

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Stan Oakes is a tough-minded, intellectual, entrepreneurial missionary who knows how "The Intelligentsia" have conjured up ideas to gain power and change the world without our permission. Read more about Stan or send him a tweet.

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