_About_ Stan Oakes

About Stan Oakes

Stan Oakes

STAN OAKES is a tough-minded, intellectual, entrepreneurial missionary who knows how “The Intelligentsia” have conjured up ideas to gain power and change the world without our permission.

Stan ministered to college students at Vanderbilt University, Texas Christian University, and Texas Tech University, and spoke to thousands of students in fraternities and saw many put their faith and future in Jesus Christ. He is unapologetic about his service to God, Jesus, and his purposes throughout the world.

In 1980, Stan and his team of leaders established a network of professors, which grew to more than 10,000 on 900 universities in 30 countries led by more than 100 senior leaders. Over 17 years, he and other leaders sponsored hundreds of lectures and debates across America and launched one of the earliest web sites that quickly grew to more than 10 million people from all over the world. In addition, he published successful books remarkable writers on such topics as The Intellectuals Speak Out About God and Faith and Freedom: The Christian Roots of American Liberty.

Stan also co-hosted conferences with the Catholic leader, Roy Varghese, such as Artificial Intelligence and the Human Mind at Yale University attended by Nobel Prize winners, leading atheists and Gifford lecturers.

Stan, in his own assessment, focused on the intellectuals “craving for power” who infiltrated the social sciences. They carry the nation-shaping ideas that demean wealth and care about inequality and poverty to gain POWER, along with marriage, sexuality and abortion, which are manipulated by government laws and regulations. The core of the social sciences is purposefully anti-Christian and anti-Catholic with a powerful and successful anti-business agenda.

After years of experience in the universities, Stan launched a new venture in 1995. He established The King’s College in New York City. His understanding of the ideas that “shape the world” compelled him to concentrate the school on Politics, Philosophy and Economics along with Business to educate and equip young graduates to lead and live in the tough arenas of government, business, education, media, the courts, and the church.

Many Christians believe that Christianity is only about heaven and the personal life, but Stan’s contention is that GOD, JESUS, and the BIBLE have a greater scope and carry universal principles that can guide nations and not just regular people. Among many other ideas, GOD was the First Intellectual who created the First Strategic Plan.

In 1990, Stan uncovered The Intelligentsia, the powerful expose authored by Richard Pipes. Pipes’ family emigrated from Poland to America as Adolph Hitler invaded his homeland. He is the Baird Professor Emeritus at Harvard University and focused on the history of Russia and the Russian revolution. It was Pipes who uncovered the danger of the intelligentsia in the social sciences fostering ideas that relentlessly push nations into destruction.

Stan contends that the critically important ideas today are related to God and the Middle East, businessmen, money and inequality, and the New Slavery enticing black men that locks them into submission. If Christians cannot or will not embrace the dangers related to God, Money, and Power, they are building nothing more than religious icons.